“We Never Close:” Open on Christmas and New Years Day – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

So many people go to work instead of spending the holidays with their loved ones.
Let’s make sure we say „Thank you“ to them when we meet them.

Kindness Blog

Happy Holidays, I recently said to the woman on the mat next to me when yoga class was over.

“I’ll try,” she said, “But I work on holidays.”

“Gosh,” I responded. “That can be tough.”

“It’s all right,” she offered. “At least the people who work two part time jobs like me have a place to do their last minute shopping.”

What a generous attitude, I thought, knowing that I’d run into a grocery or drug store at the last minute on a holiday many times, fully expecting someone—like my yoga friend—to be there behind the counter to wait on me.

I remember when no one worked on Holidays and nothing was open. But that was generations ago in another world.

„We’ve lost our Sundays, our weekends, our nights off-–our holy days, as some would have it—our bosses, junk mailers, and even our parents can find us wherever we are…

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