Denkt dran! Klopft vor dem Losfahren mal kurz auf die Motorhaube. Tiere – vor allem Katzen – suchen im Winter oft Schutz unter Autos oder sogar im Motorraum. Gebt ihnen eine Chance, da rauszukommen, bevor Ihr den Motor startet.


Winter safety reminder:2016 - 1.jpg

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  1. Tofino Photography schreibt:

    I remember a horror story about this.It happened back in the seventies during a real cold spell.My brother went outside to start the family car.He came back in a few minutes later white as a ghost & asked me where „Meniu“ was(our cat)? We found her asleep in another room.I asked why & he told me he heard a loud cat scream when he started the car.He couldn’t look under the hood,so I did.Sure enough a cat had crawled up inside the engine for warmth.The poor thing had been hit by the fan blade.The cat was not going to live for long with the blade lodged in it’s head.I tried to undo the fan belt but the poor thing lashed out at me each time I got close.The best I could do was to get my Uncles car from across the street,attached a hose to the exhaust & put the poor thing down.I finally was able to get the poor thing out.I felt so bad for it.I wanted to give it a decent burial.I took the cat by myself to a remote forested area with a shovel.It was in the dead of night & very very cold. Unfortunately the ground was as hard as concrete so I couldn’t did a grave. I went around & found large rocks.I made a rock cairn.I said a few words & returned.
    That entire ordeal made such a impact on me that I always kick the car before starting.Haven’t thought about this in decades.I do not own a car anymore.I’ve gone more green.
    Thank you for reminding me!

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    • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

      Oh what a terrible story! I’m lucky that I never had to experience this.
      Thank you for being brave enough to end the poor cat’s misery. I can only imagine how hard this was to do.

      Gefällt mir

      • Tofino Photography schreibt:

        it still affects me 40 years later.One of the qualities we have as a species that distinguishes us is our ability to“empathize“.Few creatures on the planet have this ability. So when we see another animal suffering,we suffer.It marks us & has played a very important role in our evolution!
        I even went back twenty years later or so (during the summer) & found the rock varian again.I paid my respects & left.I haven’t been back since.I hope it understood what I did & why?

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        • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

          I’m pretty confident the cat understood that you helped it. I think that animals understand much more than we think. They just express it in a way that we don’t understand.

          Gefällt mir

          • Tofino Photography schreibt:

            you are very perceptive.All animals have a 6th sense.It helps them feel other animals.We did have more of that sense when we were Hunter gathers many thousands of years ago,but because of our domestication as a species,we now have little need for it.So it has decreased significantly! It’s still there in us but reduced & I can prove it.Ever been walking down the street & feel someone looking at you? You turn to look & see someone staring right at you.This sense we had helped stop other animals from preying upon us.It alerts us.Now that we are no longer Hunter Gathers,that sense has waned.
            The poor cat was in terrific pain,so I don’t think it felt me.Maybe after it passed?
            You put your finger on it when you said „They just express it in a way that we don’t understand.“ I believe that to be true as well.We do not understand it (anymore) because we cannot.However,some sensitive souls still can.

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            • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

              One can learn to understand, can’t you. We had a cat for many years and she told/showed us clearly what she wanted us to know. We learnt to understand each other by paying attention.

              Gefällt mir

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