What to do with all the things you make?

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Do you know this? You create, sew, crochet, knit with all your energy and then you notice that there is nobody to use what you made?

Kragen und Stirnband

Bandana and neckwarmer

Sure, some things you can wear yourself or give to friends and relatives. But they’ll soon have plenty. This is how many online shops on DaWanda or Etsy came into live.

Trumpetsniffer and hat

A cosy hat and a trumpet sniffer made from the leftovers

For all of you who do not want to sell or who enjoy making things that wouldn’t fit into your shop every now and again: I have another idea for you.

How’s about giving your works to charity?


Dreieckstuch mit Musterborte

knit shawl

There are many organisations who are happy to take your textiles. I collected some that I give things to every now and again. Most of them are Germany based, but you’ll get the idea for sure and it’s usually easy to find local organisations.

Zusammenstellung für ein Paket

Collection for a parcel

Important Note:
Make contact BEFORE you send something to make sure that what you intend to give is really what is needed.

And here’s my list in random order:

For small cuddly toys, dolls, teddies or trumpet sniffers

Trostteddy e. V. Link zur Webseite
Sternschnuppe e. V. Link zur Webseite
Operation Christmas Child Link zur Webseite

Don’t know trumpet sniffers? Check them out here: Trumpet sniffer


For socks, hats, scarfs, mittens
Local shelters for the homeless
Salvation Army
Local help for refugees
Orienthelfer Link zur Webseite

Operation Christmas Child Link zur Webseite

Baby plankets, baby clothing, clothing and accessories for teenagers
Hammer Forum for Eritrea Link zur Webseite
Die Arche Link zur Webseite
Local shelters for the homeless (yes, even here in Germany there are homeless teenagers)

You can also always contact your local churches, the Red Cross or animal shelters. Many of them arrange bazaars to raise funds and may happily accept your works.


Now, what are you doing here? Back to your needles! What you make is going to be needed and appreciated!


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2 Antworten zu What to do with all the things you make?

  1. TalkaholicMe schreibt:

    I go personally to hand over my unused products to NGO’S. It gives me a feeling of bliss and satisfaction.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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