Trumpet Sniffers

It’s getting colder, it’s getting rainy. That’s the perfect time for a cup of tea and some knitting time on your sofa.

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Today I want to show you a little project: Trumpet Sniffer.

Mainzer Bande

A whole gang of trumpet sniffers who travelled with their guide Owl Hermann to a bazaar for a  childrens‘ cancer center

Designer Birgit Schneggart made up those funny guys. With their trunks those creatures sniff away worries and sorrows. I love those cute sniffers and I always have some I work on or which are rummaging around the house.


But be careful! Making sniffers is very addictive and a single sniffer in your wool basket is going to spawn new sniffers beyond control.


That’s Paddy O’Sniffer. How did he get his name?

Those sniffers are easily made with some leftover yarn and a little stuffing and they make adults just as happy as children. They are great to give away as a little comforting gift or as a little present just because.

Trumpet Sniffer

A sniffer with hat accompanying Sniffolaus with sun glasses and some friends

You can give a different character to each sniffer. By choosing yarn colours, shape and setting of eyes and ears or hairdo you can alter a trumpet sniffer’s expression. For some reason my sniffers always look a little crazy and tousled.

I should think about that.


You can find detailed instructions on how to make your sniffers on Ravely for free.

Instructions Trumpetsniffer


The designer very generously gives permission to sell those sniffers for charity.



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9 Antworten zu Trumpet Sniffers

  1. sepultura13 schreibt:

    Hehehehe – those are very cute! Love them.

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. der einsiedler schreibt:

    jetzt bin ich aber echt froh, dass ich für ein lächeln immer 2 büroklammern + 1 gummiring zur hand habe.

    Gefällt 1 Person

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