Geschenk / Gift

Schaut mal, was ich zum Geburtstag bekommen habe!

Look what I received for my birthday!

img_1659Ja, eine Schere! Nicht sehr beeindruckend? Na, dann schaut mal genauer hin! Es handelt sich um eine Schneiderschere für Linkshänder! Ich freu mich so! Das wird mir das Schneidern in Zukunft sehr erleichtern. 🙂

Yes, a pair of scissors. Not impressed? Have a closer look! This is a dressmaker shear for lefthanders! I am so happy about it! That will make dressmaking so much easier for me. 🙂



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8 Antworten zu Geschenk / Gift

  1. sepultura13 schreibt:

    Very nice! Finding things for left-handed people can be difficult, for sure!

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    • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

      You can get them online, but things for lefties often are expensive – as are dressmakers shears anyway. It was the perfect gift as some family member joined in getting them 🙂

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      • sepultura13 schreibt:

        My father-in-law has a bolt-action rifle for left-handers…but, it is hard for him to use it because he learned how to shoot the right-handed ones when he was younger – it was the only type made at the time, and he was never fond of the lever-action makes.

        One of my sisters is left-handed, and I have many lefty acquaintances! One passed away in 2010; I’d gotten him a coffee mug for his birthday one year. It said, „Hire a left-hander…it’s fun to watch them write!“

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        • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

          What a a special rifle! Even if he doesn’t use it it is worth keeping. I also do things I learned as a kid with the right hand – like knitting or crocheting. Not sewing or cutting though. I like the mug 😀 and some lefties really do have funny ways of writing. I have a hard time watching cooking shows on TV because they invariably take knives with their right hands and it looks so wrong! I really wait for them to cut themselves.

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