Liebe Mit-Autofahrer / Dear Fellow Car Drivers



So sah ich heute aus als ich von der Arbeit heimfuhr!

That was me when I was driving home from work today.

Liebe andere Autofahrer, die sich auch auf meiner Straße rumtreiben, BITTE macht Euer Mittagsschläfchen zu Hause, nicht am Steuer. Wenn die Ampel grün ist, darf man losfahren und man muss das Auto auch nicht im Schritttempo um die Kurve tragen.

Ja, es ist Vollmond, aber das ist nicht für alles eine Entschuldigung!



Dear fellow drivers who also hang out in my street, PLEASE take your afternoon nap at home not while you’re driving. When the light turns to green it is ok to drive and you don’t have to carry your car around the corner at walking pace.

Yes, the moon is full but that isn’t an excuse for everything!




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6 Antworten zu Liebe Mit-Autofahrer / Dear Fellow Car Drivers

  1. sepultura13 schreibt:

    My face has the same expression when I’m in traffic…even when I’m in the passenger seat!

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    • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

      It’s a little better when I’m in the passenger seat as I usually take some nalbinding or knitting along and don’t pay so much attention 😉

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      • sepultura13 schreibt:

        I have to do „navigator“ duty, so I have to watch the road as much as the driver does…so I’m forced to pay attention, whether I want to or not! Especially on the motorcycle…

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        • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

          Navigation is done by sat-nav. And as we live in the boonies there often are long distances on country roads before getting into town or into a city.
          I wouldn’t try to knit on the motorcycle though 🙂

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          • sepultura13 schreibt:

            Sat-nav works, but only to a point…especially in places where a new road gets built nearly every three months! Not where I live, fortunately, but definitely in the places that we travel to and visit often. Sat-nav can’t keep up with all of the new ones being built in Seattle, for example…it’s funny.

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            • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

              Seattle’s a moloch! I know this from Shadowrun (cyberpunk-fantasy-crossover). Here you get new streets every three years, not months. Pretty picturesque around my place 🙂

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