Was brachte Dich heute zum Lächeln? / What made you smile today?


Eigentlich war es ja gestern. Ein junges Rotschwänzchen hatte sich in eines der Besprechungszimmer verirrt und fand nicht mehr raus. Der kleine Kerl war schon ganz erschöpft. Eine Kollegin hat ihn gefunden und wieder in die Freihheit entlassen.

Actually it was yesterday. A young redstart got caught in one of the conference rooms and couldn’t find its way out. The little guy already was exhausted when my colleague found it and set it free.

Ich habe darüber nachgedacht, ob ich diesen Post tatsächlich veröffentlichen sollte. Es passiert gerade so viel Schlimmes in der Welt und ich frage Euch, was Euch zum Lächeln brachte!?

Und gerade deshalb habe ich diesen Post doch veröffentlicht. Solange es noch Menschen gibt, die sich um kleine Vögel kümmern, ist die Welt noch nicht ganz schlecht geworden.

I really thought hard whether I should publish this post. So many terrible things are going on in the world and I ask you what made you smile?!

And that’s the very reason I decided to publish this post. As long as there are people caring for little birds the world can’t be entirely bad.

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4 Antworten zu Was brachte Dich heute zum Lächeln? / What made you smile today?

  1. Andy schreibt:

    Well I’ve already told you what I do for the bees, butterflies, and birds, so won’t repeat that. I really don’t want Sainthood 🙂
    Things that made me smile: I got a lovely message from a Swiss student this morning. I gave her a copy of my book as a present as she was leaving us to return to Switzerland, and she was very complimentary. That’s better than any review 🙂

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    • portapatetcormagis schreibt:

      I won’t make you a saint, but a little appreciation won’t hurt 🙂
      I am not a writer but I can relate that such a personal note on your book means so much more than a more or less anonymous review.

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  2. Jim schreibt:

    Cake makes me smile. My granddaughters make me smile. Tending to my garden and picking vegetables makes me smile. Traveling and meeting people from different countries makes me smile. Meeting new people on WP makes me smile. Feeding my birds and bunnies during a cold Minnesota winter makes me smile. I can go on and on. I know there is evil in this world but I will allow it to control me.

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