It’s never too late

This is so beautiful.

This video is in Japanese but you will understand anyway without knowing the words.



Das Video ist auf Japanisch, aber Ihr werdet es trotzdem verstehen, auch ohne die Worte zu kennen.


One of the comments I get quite frequently on this blog is that the reader would like to have learned to play an instrument. I always reply with the same comment: It’s never too late to learn.
That was the name of the first piano book I bought, back when I was starting my musical adventures. This phrase came to mind yesterday when the below video appeared in my Youtube ‚Recommended‘ list:

Sure it’s a bit cheesy. And I am hoping that the bride wore waterproof make-up. But I am a sucker for a sentimental story. And it is certainly true that music has the power to connect us to our past.

How about you? Is there some skill that you would still like to learn?

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6 Antworten zu It’s never too late

  1. Karina Pinella schreibt:

    I liked the music. Reminds me of a movie I watched the other night called Youth with Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel. A beautifully executed film with a touching ending (hint: music is involved).

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  2. Andy schreibt:

    This is great. Shared it on FB.

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