How Dark Is Your Personality According To Scientists?

Visit Thumbup to take the quiz. It is fun!

Just for you to know: I am EXTREMELY DARK! (Yes, the exclamation mark came with the diagonis)


Got to wear my Gothic outfit more often now!

What they say about me:

Lurching in the dark corners and back rooms with your dubious and cunning power plays, you’re moderately machiavellian! Based on your answers, it’s clear that you have a strong inclination to manipulate and out-manoeuvre your foes. You are one to often justify the means to achieve the desired outcome. You’re highly intelligent, a born leader, and draw your victims to your power grasp like moths to the flame. However, you’re only moderately machiavellian. Your cunning wickedness is checked by your inner moral compass and rarely gets out of control! We fully expect to see you ruling a country someday!

I’ll work on the machiavellian part. I promise *evil laughter*

The playground


How Dark Is Your Personality According To Scientists?

The result of the quiz I took  
You Exhibit No Symptoms of Evil
You’re a completely balanced and grounded individual with healthy amounts of altruism, self-interest and emotional empathy. Based on your answers, you exhibit no signs or symptoms of evil. You’re one of the rare ones who has made it through this world unscathed by the evil lurking around every corner. You’re an angel!

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